Less growth – More happiness?
Issue 02/2018

Less growth – More happiness?

Is it imperative that we keep growing, at any price – be it as a company or as an economy? We look at this important question from various perspectives in the second English edition of our client magazine. Read for yourself whether there is a satisfying answer to these questions. Also, don't miss the interview with our CTO and member of the executive board Rolf-Jürgen Moll about our new release policy. And of course this issue also covers all the latest LucaNet news.


  • Notes
    • IFRS 16 – Everything you need to know, everything you need to get started
    • Bienvenido a España
    • LucaNet UK under new leadership
    • All good things come in twos – New white papers
  • A Professor's Insight!
    • Conceptional Framework – So, where‘s the concept?
  • Add-On
    • LucaNet.App – The next generation
  • Worldwide
    • Let’s talk about LucaNet USA – Interview with Robert Lawson
    • What’s the bowl thing about, anyway?
  • Spotlight
    • Less growth – More happiness?
    • Growth at any cost? One Englishman’s view of Brexit
    • Growing pains are inevitable – Interview with Oliver Schmitz and Carsten Gerger, LucaNet
    • Interesting trivia about growth
    • Go big or go home: The ten biggest players.
  • People
    • Interview with Dörthe Bunk, Event Manager at LucaNet Germany
    • Interview with Nadine Piotrowski, Head of Accounting at Wooga
  • Knowledge
    • LucaNet boards the release train
    • LucaNet 11 – Simply simple!
  • After Work
    • HERE WeGo: Arrive safely – A smart navigation app, even without data coverage
    • To the mat, set, go
    • Grow, little basil plant, grow!
    • Rack your brain
  • Save The Date 
    • LucaNet.World 2018

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