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Success story Heinz-Glas Group

LucaNet helps the packaging professionals of the HEINZ-GLAS Group to clearly map all intercompany relationships and offers an extensive bundle of options for consolidation, planning, reporting, and analysis. And all this at the press of a button – reliably and anywhere in the world.

LucaNet meets all our requirements for consolidation, planning, and reporting. We use the software on a global scale and benefit greatly from the multilingual data model and system-supported currency translation. All our subsidiaries use LucaNet to report their local financial statements.

Steffen Meinel
Head of Controlling

How HEINZ-GLAS uses LucaNet software:

  • Wizard-based consolidation (as well as for planning)
  • Financial statement preparation across various countries in accordance with HGB
  • Calculation and monitoring of key figures

About the company

The HEINZ-GLAS Group is one of the world's market leaders in the production and processing of glass and plastic packaging and closure systems. Well-known brands such as L'Oréal, Beiersdorf, and Bulgari are all supplied by the HEINZ-GLAS Group.

Use cases

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Industry :

Production / Industry

Core Business :

Production and processing of glass and plastic packaging

Headquarter city :

Kleintettau/Upper Franconia (Germany)

Employees :


Website :

Heinz-Glas Group homepage

The challenge

Excel was just too confusing and time-consuming

Keeping on top of things while planning precisely and quickly—and all this with Excel —was no solution for the rapidly growing HEINZ-GLAS Group. “Reports used to be cobbled together, the database was prone to errors, and person hours used to pile up,” comments Steffen Meinel, Head of Controlling at the HEINZ-GLAS Group, on the reasons for the demanding search for a custom-fit software solution. Not only was the new system destined for use in the German parent company, all international subsidiaries and national companies were also to put the software to use. Quick and unified implementation was the name of the game.

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Flawless figures

LucaNet was able to meet these demands in no time. The software was implemented in two steps: The cash pool area was integrated and the actual data were imported via direct access to the Infor Baan ERP system. In addition to the consolidation of actual figures, the plan and the cash flow statement were also set up in LucaNet. For this, a new, unified system and structure for calculation was defined in cooperation with auditors. Once the balance sheet and P&L statement structure, the cash flow statement, and the schedule were in place, the subsequent rollout was carried out for all subsidiaries. Even though LucaNet is installed at the German headquarters of the HEINZ-GLAS Group, a client connection also ensures access at the respective locations worldwide.

Today, the company uses LucaNet to produce the local financial statements of each subsidiary or national company, each with a derived balance sheet and profit and loss statement while always taking the respective accounting standards into consideration.

In this way, in addition to supplying figures to the Group, the subsidiaries can also carry out country-specific evaluations and prepare financial statements on a monthly basis with the software in a just a few simple steps. “We had big requirements, but LucaNet meets them all. The software was implemented in no time and is simple to understand. The time savings are massive and the results speak for themselves!” says Steffen Meinel.

How LucaNet software benefits HEINZ-GLAS Group:

  • More accuracy, efficiency, and transparency in the data
  • Unified system for all international locations
  • Seamless communication with existing ERP systems