Paving the way towards automated financial processes

From tedious manual tasks to automated integration and consolidation

Success story InGamba Tours

InGamba Tours has been busy recently, acquiring various companies around Europe. This turned budgeting and consolidation into a daily challenge for financial controller, Bruno Partidário. His team struggled with time-consuming manual tasks, with inefficiency and wasted time the inevitable results. LucaNet offered the perfect solution with significant time savings to boot.

We received a lot of invaluable support while developing and implementing LucaNet in InGamba. This successful collaboration has pushed us a step forward in our internal processes.

Bruno Partidário
Financial Controller

How InGamba Tours uses LucaNet software:

  • Easy consolidation of reports from differing geographical regions
  • Efficient monthly and annual reporting
  • Tracking budgeted vs actual figures

About the company

InGamba Tours is a travel company that specializes in producing one-of-a-kind biking experiences in some of the most breathtaking locations in the world. They offer a unique combination of pro-level equipment and support with all the service and comfort of a luxury getaway.

Use cases

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Industry :

Leisure and tourism

Core Business :

Unique bike adventure tours for serious cyclists

Headquarter city :

Sausalito (USA)

Locations :

USA, Italy, Portugal

Employees :


Website :

InGamba Tours homepage

The challenge

A burning need for automation

Since it was founded in 2011, InGamba Tours has grown in leaps in bounds. Its steady expansion can be attributed to the company’s unique service offering — elite-level biking experiences in picturesque locations throughout the globe — for an underserved market.

Recently, the company’s focus has been on acquiring companies throughout Europe. This has ramped up the need for a reliable yet efficient financial consolidation process. According to Bruno Partidário, connecting sales and costs to each cost center — trips, in this case — has emerged as yet another challenge to contend with. Because of this, the company has noticed inefficiencies and time being wasted on repetitive, manual tasks.

InGamba Tours was ready for software that could efficiently handle all these processes and more. They needed something that could both automate the process of integrating new companies and eliminate the need for laborious manual tasks.

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The solution

One software for all integration and consolidation needs

After an exhaustive search, a recommendation from a trusted source led Bruno Partidário to LucaNet. He chose the software because it provided him the ability to complete multiple processes in one place. From integration and consolidation to budget planning, cost analysis and tracking KPIs — LucaNet has it all. Its flexibility, coupled with the added benefit of increased efficiency and time savings, helped him make the right choice for InGamba Tours’ specific needs.

Added values

The comprehensive range of capabilities of LucaNet’s solution has drastically improved operations at InGamba Tours. “We use the software for a wide array of processes, from budget planning and tracking, to performance management and cost analysis,’ says Bruno Partidário. “It has allowed us to automate many repetitive but time-consuming tasks. This has made it easier for us to set up automatic processes for data integration, receive regular updates on our KPIs, and stay on top of our financial reporting processes.”


So far, LucaNet has helped InGamba Tours become much more efficient in terms of time usage. As a result, Bruno Partidário can shift his focus from maintaining operations and actually think about the implications of the data. So now he’s getting invaluable insights that will guide the company towards sustainable growth.

How LucaNet software benefits InGamba Tours:

  • Increased efficiency and quality of financial reporting
  • Automated data integration and analysis
  • Enhanced tracking and analysis of profit and loss (P&L) and KPIs