How a financial startup uses LucaNet to showcase its client’s numbers

Success story Insight Consulting OG

Insight Consulting offers high-quality financial services: They handle financial planning and reporting for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) using LucaNet software – a success story.

Insight Consulting uses LucaNet for:

  • Compact reports for different clients
  • Deviation analyses
  • Forecasting
  • Unit and cost center planning
  • High-quality data visualizations
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LucaNet helps us to specifically meet our clients’ needs. The data processing fulfills all our requirements, and by linking to Power BI we can offer state-of-the-art visualizations. Support is always quick and competent.

David Obojes
Co-Founder and CEO

About the company

Insight Consulting is a young up-and-coming company that offers financial consulting for small and medium-sized enterprises with a focus on the tourism industry. They support their clients in their world of numbers and offer advice in the areas of controlling, budgeting and feasibility.

Fields of application:

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Industry :

Digital economy

Core Business :

Financial services

Headquarter city :

Innsbruck (Austria)

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The challenge

Map the most important financial data in a compact and comprehensible way

David Obojes and Gregor Eppensteiner, the founders and managing directors of Insight Consulting, have a special common history with LucaNet. The two got to know LucaNet at previous stops in their professional careers and were so impressed by the software that they made it the core part of their own business idea: They offer reporting and budgeting services for SMEs with a focus on the hotel industry. David Obojes himself worked in the tourism industry for many years and therefore knows the needs of his clients from his own experience: “Our clients want to have their results mapped in a comprehensible and compact way and on an ongoing basis, and they don’t want to deal with preparing the reports themselves. We provide them with individual tailor-made reports, often compressed down to one page, which summarize the most important figures at a glance.” The startup needed software which could allow it to safely, quickly, and efficiently analyze their customers’ figures and prepare and visualize them in a comprehensible manner. And LucaNet was the perfect match for this.

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The solution

Tailor-made planning and precise reports

The data usually comes from their customers’ financial accounting departments, and Insight Consulting imports it into LucaNet using Excel integration, so that a harmonized database is available for the next steps. That is when the core of their work really begins: financial analysis, budget planning and the preparation of the results in the form of meaningful, easy-to-understand reports.

They carry out their analysis and planning based on actual data. Since most of their clients are hoteliers, their planning is based on key indicators relevant to the hotel industry, such as bed occupancy, sales costs, and absorption costs. There are no limits to the attention to detail here, particularly when it comes to department and outlet planning. Liquidity planning is also an important aspects, and capital services, working capital and ultimately cash development are taken into account, analyzed, and planned. Seasonality, in particular, is an important factor in the hotel industry. It can be mapped very well with the planning functions of LucaNet, which offers customers great added value.

In the next step, with the help of the Power BI tool integrated into LucaNet, the reports are created that go to the enterprises and, in part, department heads of the hotels. The reports are short and sweet one-pagers with the most important key indicators and key visualizations or multi-page reports with the different levels of detail and statements. The income statement and cash flow are also included and analyzed. Customers appreciate this service very much. The combination of the advantages of financial performance management and the business expertise of Insight Consulting gives customers a clear, transparent view of their figures and helps them to navigate safely into the future.

Clear added-value for Insight Consulting:

  • Consistent dataset
  • Automated budget planning
  • Tailor-made reports for its customers
  • Meaningful, high-quality visualizations