Optimally reconciled data

The intercompany reconciliation software

Fast and reliable financial consolidation is one of the goals of every group's financial department. But this can be achieved only if the process starts with a proper intercompany (IC) reconciliation. Thanks to the intercompany reconciliation feature integrated into LucaNet IC accounting software, this is no longer a problem. Our IC reconciliation tool enables decentralized reconciliation prior to consolidation and saves those involved at the parent company level from having to tediously search for discrepancies during consolidation. This means there are no more obstacles standing in the way of beginning the consolidation process with fully validated, reconciled, and consistent data.

What you need in intercompany reconciliation tool

Our reliable IC reconciliation software tool is sure to be the right tool for you thanks to all the functions it offers, which include:

  • Easy maintenance of the customizable report layout
  • Comprehensive importing functionality
  • Automated validation options
  • Decentralized IC reconciliation
  • Workflow support via integrated task management
  • Transparency about the state of data collection
  • Secure and error-free data transfer
  • Clean, straightforward integration with any financial consolidation software
  • Documentation options
  • Data files that can be audited

An intelligent intercompany reconciliation tool

How LucaNet software can benefit you


Our intercompany reconciliation software makes automated, decentralized IC reconciliation possible in group currency, in transaction currency, or at the individual posting level. The subsidiaries can clarify any differences that occur directly with each other.


The status monitor of LucaNet software delivers 100% transparency throughout the data collection and validation process and across all of the reporting units involved, giving you all of the key information you need for IC reconciliation.

Data transfer

In this IC reconciliation tool, data can be collected manually or automatically. Interfaces for MS Excel and all the more prevalent ERP and financial accounting systems are also available, of course.


With LucaNet software, you’ll have a solution you can count on to be 100% secure. Its data transfer component is web-based, which means you won't have to send e-mails containing business-critical financial data.

User friendliness

With the help of LucaNet intercompany reconciliation software your subsidiaries can work with the same user interface in their country’s language, which will make it easy for them to enter data. It doesn't take an IT expert!


Create custom reporting interfaces for decentralized data collection in our intercompany reconciliation tool. Excel reporting packages can be completely replaced by web-based data collection.

Only LucaNet IC reconciliation tool simplifies complexity

You can adapt our standard packages of our accounting software for German GAAP (HGB) and IFRS to your company's particular needs.

  • Take advantage of the automatic validation of the collected data on the basis of freely configurable rules.
  • Define which validation rules are to be checked on a case-by-case basis. 
  • The validation takes place automatically in real time and does not have to be started separately in the software. The consolidation process itself always starts with a valid set of data.
  • The IC data can be collected and imported using separate input masks that allow for the required degree of detail. 
  • The partner information for the intercompany partner is always assigned automatically in LucaNet software. 
  • When reconciling in transaction currency, the value is added in transaction currency; when reconciling at the individual posting level, data is collected at the source document level.
  • The reconciliation of IC data is carried out as soon as the companies have completed the milestone IC data collection; all differences requiring clarification are displayed in a clear layout in our tool and can then be resolved by the team.
  • To simplify processing, you can also enter the contact details of the partner company directly on this screen.

With the help of our intercompany reconciliation tool head office can check the data collection progress at any time and quickly identify the companies that have not yet completed the reconciliation of their IC data, the rules that have not been observed, or whether there are delays in reaching certain milestones (IC data collection completed, IC data reconciled).

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