Finally – IFRS 16 compliance

The lease accounting software in accordance with IFRS 16

Does your company have a large portfolio of leases and face the challenge of implementing the new requirements of IFRS 16? With LucaNet’s lease accounting software, this process could hardly be easier.

The new rules for lease accounting are complex and affect multiple processes. Our tool helps you to collect your leases and relevant data, automate all the required journal entries and disclosures, and monitor changes in your contracts that impact your financial statements. Our software ensures a smooth and a hassle-free implementation of the new standards.

IFRS 16 - Lease Accounting

Have we piqued your interest in our software for IFRS 16-compliant lease accounting? If so, be sure to download the further information we offer on the subject.

What you need in a lease accounting software

Our reliable lease accounting software is sure to be the right tool for you thanks to all the functions it offers, which include:

  • Automated recognition and measurement of all leases, including modifications, foreign currency translation, and quantitative disclosures
  • Use of a standardized system, no add-on solutions required
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Flexible ways to display contracts and generate breakdowns and analyses

An intelligent lease accounting software

How LucaNet benefits you


Greater efficiency means having more time for other things. Based on all the relevant contract data, our lease accounting tool carries out the necessary calculations each month and determines the carrying amounts for right-of-use assets and lease liabilities over the entire lease term.


It's time to take control. Our software solution enables you to obtain a clear overview of your lease contracts. You can easily trace all effects in the financial statements to the individual lease contract and generate flexible analyses that allow you to aggregate and disaggregate information according to your needs. For example, you can break down all IFRS 16 accounts by asset class.


Why not make your life easier? The lease accounting software from LucaNet gives you a simple, intuitive, and standardized way to enter your lease contracts, which will help you ensure consistency. You can import a large number of contracts into the software at the click of a button by using our standardized Excel template.

Ready to go

Our automated IFRS 16 solution saves time and reduces errors. Get compliant quickly to IFRS 16 thanks to the out of the box functionality of our lease accounting software. The IFRS 16 tool is an easy to manage solution and ready to go at the push of a button!


Thanks to our IFRS 16 lease software, a drill-down function to posting level at any time is possible. Easily simulate impacts on cash flow, budgeting, and forecasting and identify problems with lease contracts directly within the tool.

Single source of truth

Are you still using multiple tools to keep track of your leases? With LucaNet software, manage your leases on a single application and handle contracts with a large number of variables – all in a single app! Additionally, you will be able to generate quantitative disclosures required by IFRS 16.

Only LucaNet IFRS 16 software simplifies complexity

With the help of our software’s Excel template, you can import a large number of contracts into the tool at the click of a button.

The development of right-of-use assets and lease liabilities is displayed in separate tables for each contract over the entire lease term.

Create individual reports and analyses to gain valuable insights into your lease portfolio.

With the help of the LucaNet IFRS 16 and ASC 842 software, create quantitative disclosures automatically.

software demo

Learn even more about our IFRS 16 lease accounting software

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