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As a controller involved in managing group companies, you know how it is: The group structures you encounter are getting more and more complex, decentralized, and international in nature, which presents challenges every day in your industry. Wouldn’t it be nice to have software you could rely on to make the entire process of group controlling much simpler? With LucaNet, you can say goodbye for good to error-prone reports and analyses. That’s right: no more endless hours cobbling together and reconciling financial data from myriad source systems and Excel spreadsheets, or entering new accounts by hand.

You can count on LucaNet to provide you with an ideal tool for implementing centralized controlling and efficient management of group companies.

What you need in group controlling software

Our software for group controlling is sure to be the right tool for you thanks to all the functions it offers, which include:

  • Presentation of actual and planning figures on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis
  • Best-case and worst-case scenarios
  • Intra-year rolling planning and forecasts
  • Transfer of existing planning from MS Excel and other data sources
  • Ad-hoc reporting
  • Interactive analysis function
  • Charts
  • Sparklines directly within value cells
  • Management cockpit
  • Custom report creation
  • Full Excel integration

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An intelligent solution for group controlling

How LucaNet can benefit you

Central database

LucaNet gives you a fast and straightforward means of integrating heterogeneous data and structures for individual group companies into uniform visual presentations. This facilitates not only data analysis, but benchmarking within your portfolio of group companies, as well.

Planning and actual figures, combined

With a single click, you can blend actuals with data pertaining to forecasts and rolling planning. Traffic lights and sparklines also make it easy to recognize trends and outliers.


Sustainable group controlling needs to be founded on reliable data. With LucaNet, it’s possible to drill every individual figure down to the posting document level in just a few clicks. This will give you maximum transparency across all your group companies.

Monthly reporting

In LucaNet, it’s easy to create ad-hoc reports or use data files (which you can generate at the press of a button) to provide investors with all the information they need on how their group companies are performing.

Data integration

Thanks to MS Excel support and numerous ready-to-use interfaces to all the commonly used ERP and financial accounting systems, incorporating planning and actual figures on new group companies could hardly be simpler.


This LucaNet software is flexible enough to interface with our web-based tool for IC reconciliation in various ways. Once this connection is established, new group companies can use it as a direct means of data entry. Your group company will then receive the data in short order in a standardized format.

Only LucaNet simplifies complexity

In just a few mouse-clicks, you can create complex KPIs and covenants that will be immediately available to all your group companies.


Along with purely financial figures, you can use your LucaNet software to map any kind of statistical information (staff-related numbers, for example) in graphical visualizations.


An intelligent enhancement for your LucaNet software

App: Business valuation

  • Mapping common processes in business valuation
  • Process-dependent calculation of weighted average cost of capital (WACC)
  • Automated sensitivity analysis when various valuation parameters change

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