The BARC Planning Survey 19: LucaNet ranks top for its financial planning software

Once again, LucaNet’s Financial Performance Management software has stood the test to prove that it is a software entirely dedicated to users. In the world’s largest survey on the use of planning, budgeting and forecasting tools, LucaNet was able to stand out from its comparison groups in the areas of Predefined data connectivity, Project length, and Business value. Based on scores for relevant performance features, the survey reinforced LucaNet’s position as a leading supplier of Financial Performance Management software. “We are delighted by the results of this year’s BARC survey. It is nice to see that our offering is regarded as professional and at the same time extremely user-friendly by customers. What is equally important is that the results show that our customers sustainably benefit from our software for financial planning,” emphasizes Thomas Küttner, Sales Director at LucaNet.

What LucaNet customers value in Financial Performance Management

To stay ahead of the competition and achieve long-term business success, reliable software that provides a holistic view of a company is required. FPM software automatically maps all management processes within a single database and combines all financial and strategic data using a transparent data model. It improves planning and decision-making and ultimately ensures the successful future of a company.

As part of The Planning Survey 19 conducted by BARC, around 1,200 respondents provided their feedback on the use and benefits of the software they implement. Among other things, LucaNet users stated that the software:

  • Improves the integration of planning with reporting and analysis
  • Increases the transparency of financial planning
  • Improves employee satisfaction

“Highly professional, versatile, and fast. Premium user software,” was one LucaNet software user’s statement. This represents an example of the many positive ratings that led to a very high satisfaction rate (97 percent) and a recommendation rate of 100 percent.

The determining criteria in terms of selecting software comprised Predefined data connectivity, Project length, and Business value

The BARC survey particularly highlights the short project lengths of the LucaNet solution as a positive aspect, made possible by numerous interfaces to ERP and financial accounting systems as well as the complete data model with business logic included. The especially high Business value of the LucaNet software lies in the great transparency of the figures and planning in general, though. What’s more, users consider the simplified and automated processes as well as the integration of strategic and operative planning as major advantages. As for the Predefined data connectivity criterion, LucaNet achieved exceptionally good survey results thanks to its more than 140 predefined interfaces for importing source data from all common ERP and accounting systems. Data are imported quickly and automatically, and errors are identified immediately. Customers can also use the LucaNet.Group Report tool to collect data in a web-based fashion and reliably validate them, including intercompany reconciliation.

Reap the benefits of LucaNet’s solution for Financial Performance Management

Do you not have a software program for financial planning yet? Or are you not completely satisfied with your current solution? The Planning Survey 19 offers you the ideal opportunity to gain a well-founded overview of suppliers and user satisfaction in what is a complex market. We would be more than happy to go through the results of the LucaNet Financial Performance Management software with you at no cost.

Go ahead and get a closer insight into the software we offer for Financial Performance Management. It maps all the processes of your financial department in a single database. Users are provided with an extensive view of data for past periods, actual figures, and forecasted financial data. The result is transparency in both internal and external accounting.


More detailed information, for example on the diverse applications of the software, or customer testimonials can be found on our website.


About The Planning Survey 19

“The Planning Survey 19” study was conducted by BARC from November 2018 to February 2019. To this end, a total of 1,367 participants from around the world answered a questionnaire on their BI solution. The survey provides an overview of 22 leading planning software products and compares these on the basis of 28 different key performance indicators such as business value, recommendation rate, customer satisfaction, user experience, planning functionality, and competitiveness. To find out more, go to


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