LucaNet China – Interview with Managing Director Shiran Wang

Admittedly, if we look at LucaNet for the last 20 years, we are a little bit proud of what we have achieved. Launched in Germany, we are now personally represented in eleven countries and advise our customers directly on site. Our branches are located in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, France, Spain, the USA, Singapore and China. That would never be possible without our dedicated and ambitious employees and managers. Shiran Wang is one of our international campaigners. He has been on board with LucaNet since 2007. Initially working for us as a consultant in Germany, in 2010 he founded a subsidiary of LucaNet in Shanghai.

In the following interview he explains why he decided to go to China for and with LucaNet, and what characterizes the customers and his work in China.

You started in 2008 as a consultant in Mönchengladbach. Why did you decide to go back to China for LucaNet?

Shiran Wang: Between 2000 and 2010, most Chinese enterprises were finishing the implementation of standardized processes in financial accounting. At the same time, internationalization was becoming a trend for group companies. We believed that China would potentially become an important market for LucaNet solutions. Therefore, we decided to enter the Chinese market in 2010. After a lot of hard work, the LucaNet brand is getting more and more famous in the Chinese market.

“Many enterprises choose LucaNet because we provide them with capabilities in powerful data integration and flexible data processing.”
– Shiran Wang, Managing Director, LucaNet China

Which are the most important USPs of the LucaNet software?

Shiran Wang: Most of our customers in China are relatively large state-owned enterprises or listed companies. A very common problem for such enterprises is that their data is dispersed among different systems. Financial analysis and monthly financial reporting becomes very difficult. Consequently, many enterprises choose LucaNet because we provide them with capabilities in powerful data integration and flexible data processing. And most importantly, all operations can be handled by their financial personnel – an advantage that most of our competitors do not have. 

What does your typical user look like? Name some of your customers!

Shiran Wang: Typically, our customers are state-owned enterprises and listed companies. They operate in different branches and focus on financial instead of operational control. For example, the DunAn Group has more than 400 subsidiaries worldwide in six independent branches –of which three are listed. The COFCO Group, China‘s largest food processor, manufacturer and trader, well known in Germany for their “Great Wall” wine, is the same but much bigger. In actual fact, COFCO is even ranked No. 136 in the Fortune Global 500.

“Our system is alive”
– Shiran Wang, Managing Director, LucaNet China

Did you have funny or unconventional experiences with any of your users?

Shiran Wang: As we know, the LucaNet system is highly flexible. In general, it requires a lot of practice to master operations of software systems. This is one big difference between LucaNet and a general software system. Our system is “alive”, unlike other system interfaces that are “dormant”. At the beginning, customers tend to be a little bit confused. Our hotline often receives calls from customers, saying things like “My balance sheet is missing. It was there yesterday.” When our consultants make the whole balance sheet show up again with a single mouse click, the clients say that the LucaNet system is like magic.

There is a story behind every seemingly insignificant little button. We could see this as just being an opportunity for some self-promotion. But in actual fact, any button in our system serves a distinct purpose. As such, you could say that, through its use, the software simply speaks for itself.

About Shiran Wang – Managing Director for LucaNet China

Shiran Wang has been working as Managing Director for LucaNet in China since 2007. He studied at the Ruhr University Bochum and graduated with a diploma in Economics. After completing his studies, he worked as a consultant and project manager for LucaNet in the Mönchengladbach office. Already in 2010 he co-founded the LucaNet Finance Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. with Chi Zhang in China. This subsidiary of LucaNet successfully serves national and international corporate customers in China.

LucaNet AG has an international presence. In 2018 they opened a new office in Spain, headed by Pedro Mardomingo.

Further information on our management team and our worldwide locations can be found on our website.



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