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    Norman Awad
    Senior International Business Manager LucaNet AG

    Fatmir Taganovic

    Lead International Business Manager LucaNet AG

    Dominik Duchon

    Executive Board LucaNet AG

    Légère Hotel Luxembourg

    11, rue Gabriel Lippmann,
    Parc d‘activité Syrdall
    LU - 5365 Munsbach

    Mercure Hotel
    20 rue de la Gaité
    F - 75014 Paris

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    Sandra Kersjes

    Sales Manager


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    Juliane Batliner
    Public Relations Manager

    LucaNet AG
    Fürstenfelder Str. 9
    D - 80331 Munich

    +49 89 22 84 89 90

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    Jochen Schlüter, Company Customer Supervisor:


    "As Germany's largest savings bank, we place a lot of value on competent, customer-oriented financial services for small businesses. For this reason, we recommend LucaNet to our customers. After evaluating all available software packages, we are convinced that LucaNet can outstandingly support our small business customers with finance and liquidity planning. Those who have such planning assistance can successfully control their business and convince their bank of their plans for the future."


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    Michael Zschintzsch, Project Management:


    "As a company with 1,300 employees, we must work with various software solutions. LucaNet-Software has proved to be the most efficient of them all. We were particularly pleased with how well the software could be integrated into our IT landscape. The latest technology and programming in Java make this software unique on the market. We too have been convinced by the speed and easy operation."


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    Customer statement



    Franz Kalinowski, Head of Accounting:


    "We soon saw how effective LucaNet’s consulting skills and future-oriented approach were for us."


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    Customer statement



    Ulrich Leib, Head of Controlling:


    "LucaNet’s consultancy services in choosing and implementing a suitable BI solution were professional and capable. They involved us actively in the project from the start. And they provide rapid and expert support for any subsequent issues that arise."


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