In-memory technology

Don't be scared of big data!

The LucaNet.Financial OLAP Server saves all data in-memory, i.e., all information is stored directly in your computer's main memory (RAM).

Every query or change is processed and saved directly, and is therefore available for reporting and analysis purposes in a fraction of a second.

The difference

Traditional databases store most of their data on the hard disk. When data that is not in the main memory is needed, it first has to be loaded. This takes time and slows down the entire process. In addition, changes to data have to be constantly saved, which also requires the hard disk to be accessed each time.

Benefits to you

  • All information is loaded directly from the main memory.
  • There is no need for time-consuming retrieval from the hard disk.
  • Analysis processes become extremely fast.
  • Data can be updated and visualised in a fraction of a second.
  • Even very large data volumes can be maintained and saved.

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