Software for business intelligence in accounting

Our software for financial consolidation, planning and controlling as well as recording and transferring data can be deployed either individually or in any combination you may need. Implementation times of only a few days and user-friendly operation lead to direct time and cost savings.


Our software modules:

LucaNet.Financial Consolidation

Software for legal and management consolidation 

  • Creation of consolidated financial statements
  • Foreign currencies
  • Deferred taxes


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Software for transparent planning and efficient controlling

  • Integrated company planning 
  • Dynamic planning
  • Sub-plans


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Software for faster data transfer 

  • Converter
  • ETL scripts
  • Import of all documented information 


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LucaNet.Group Report

Software for effective collection and validation of data 

  • Individual report structure
  • Decentralised data collection
  • Intercompany reconciliation 


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Software for efficient controlling of equity holdings 

  • Actual and planning figures
  • Best and worst-case scenarios
  • Planning and forecasts 


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Software for generating financial reports

  • Simple integration of all the relevant data from LucaNet
  • Combines tables, charts, figures and continuous text to make a ready-to-print report
  • Offers parallel editing of reports together with a clear reporting concept


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LucaNet.Consulting: Consulting and training

In designing our product range it is our goal to provide you with every kind of support you need in your daily work through easily deployed software and professional consulting services. You can concentrate on your business activities – we take care of everything else!