Software for controlling of an equity holding


Expenditure on managing and controlling equity holdings has become much higher due to increasingly complex corporate group structures and constantly growing decentralisation and internationalisation. Therefore, more than ever, companies rely on a suitable instrument which allows to develop management controlling of equity holdings.


Take advantage of our comprehensive accounting experience and manage your investments in a transparent and targeted manner. With LucaNet.Equity we provide you with an intelligent and technically mature product which has been created as a result of many years of professional development work.



  • Actual and planning figures on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis
  • Best and worst-case scenarios
  • Seasonal rolling planning and forecasts
  • Automatic transfer of pre-existing planning from MS Excel and other data sources


Controlling und reporting

  • Ad-hoc reporting 
  • Interactive analysis function
  • Charts
  • Spark lines directly in value cells
  • Management cockpit
  • Individual report creation
  • Complete Excel integration


General information

  • Finished financial data warehouse including business calculation logic for controlling of equity holdings
  • Integration of heterogeneous equity holdings in one database with a uniform P&L statements and balance sheet structure as well as cash flow statement
  • Parallel representation of equity holdings by segment, organisational unit and region
  • Representation of any derived P&L statements and balance sheet structures
  • Individual covenants and KPIs (key performance indicators)
  • Statistical account workspaces for the analysis of other key business figures
  • Currency conversion
  • Task management
  • Multilingual
  • Automatic account allocation on the basis of predefined charts of accounts or structural data information
  • Drill down to posting and document level


Our brochure contains all the services provided by LucaNet.Equity.






With just a few clicks, complex Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and covenants for all equity holdings are created.




Tabular views with sparklines and coloured light functions provide a high level of information density. This way discrepancies can be detected early on and appropriate measures may be initiated.





In addition to just financial figures, any statistical information can be represented and visualised graphically in LucaNet, e. g. personnel figures.

Apart from individually configurable converters to MS Excel, LucaNet.Importer provides a range of ready-to-use interfaces to all common ERP and financial accounting systems at your disposal to transfer data. Furthermore, data can be collected and validated via our LucaNet.Group Report module.


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Simply reliable

LucaNet software is certified pursuant to the Institute of Auditors in Germany e.V. (IDW) audit standard PS 880 and is therefore compatible with all principles of proper accounting and control.

Simply connective

When it comes to importing data, not only is there a user-configurable MS Excel converter available, but the LucaNet.Importer module also provides a large number of ready-made interfaces to all commonly used ERP and financial accounting systems. This means all relevant data can be imported conveniently at the push of a button. Furthermore, data can be collected, validated and correlated on a decentralised basis via the web using the LucaNet.Group Report module.

Simply transparent

Sustainable controlling of equity holdings requires reliable data. With LucaNet.Equity, every single figure can be traced down to posting and even document level with a few mouse clicks. This guarantees you maximum transparency.

Simply flexible

LucaNet.Equity enables you to integrate heterogeneous data and structures for individual equity holdings in a quick and straightforward way, for a uniform representation. Not only does this facilitate data analysis, but also benchmarking within your portfolio of equity holdings. As requirements grow, LucaNet.Financial Consolidation also gives you the possibility to prepare consolidated financial statements in one and the same solution.


Get to know LucaNet.Equity:

User tip

by Michael Krömer, Lead Consultant


LucaNet.Equity provides you with extensive access to all data across all equity holdings - for actual as well as projected figures. Within target-performance comparisons, you are able to identify all developments early on and undertake relevant countermeasures if required.

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