Customer statements

Read about what our customers in a wide range of industries value most about LucaNet software.


First Capital Partner GmbH

Matthias Kaspar, Head of Accounting:


"I had already worked with LucaNet for years at another company. I recommended the software for several reasons. The program is flexible yet easy to use and it greatly facilitates matters, especially thanks to its assistants and the seamless connection to Excel. An especially important feature for me is the Navision interface that supports very rapid data import, even with larger volumes of data. The very clear display of companies and periods, as well as the flexibility in this regard along with the transparency and comprehensibility in general, make my daily work much easier."

ABL-TECHNIC Entlackung GmbH

Florian Birkenmaier, Controlling:


"Straightforward to operate and intelligently implemented functions – that's how we've got to know LucaNet to be. The software has allowed us to increase the quality of data and accelerate our whole reporting process. We are particularly benefiting from the more precise account mapping, IC reconciliation on an account basis and centralised data warehouse. Introducing LucaNet.Group Report allowed us to considerably simplify the complex process of data collection, which involves approx. 20 companies, and the determination of differences."

Automic Software GmbH

Bernhard Riffler, Global Accounting Coordinator:


"Let's Automate Business – that's our motto for what we do every day. LucaNet consolidation software helps us live by this motto every time we create a consolidated financial statement. The tool flexibly combines all requirements for consolidation, reporting and analysis. The data for consolidation can be easily imported from our ERP software or Excel reporting packages. With just a few mouse clicks, we can efficiently perform IFRS-compliant consolidation. The built-in currency conversion feature has also proven very useful for us."

badgepoint Namensschilder Systeme GmbH

Wolfgang Blindow, Executive Manager:


"LucaNet is the ideal introductory software for us! Until now, we did our reporting in Excel tables, which cost us a lot of time and nerves. Now, we can simply call up our current data from the financial management system with just one click."


Tino Bijlemeer, International Financial Controller:


"For us, the added value of LucaNet lies in the way it links financial and non-financial data. LucaNet also enables us to consider every conceivable dimension of those data and easily make them available online for gym, region and country managers. The parallel structures give us valuable insights into the performance of gyms, regions and countries. And for our budgeting, we really appreciate the scripting options that LucaNet offers." 

BayWa r.e. Asset Holding GmbH

Stefan Götz, Asset Manager:


"As a major project developer and service provider in the area of renewable energies, our company has more than one hundred subsidiaries. In LucaNet we have found a software solution that fully and completely meets our consolidation requirements."

Behr AG

Hans Hrycyk, Head of Accounting:


"LucaNet can display even complex company structures in a comprehensible manner. Comprehensive planning and consolidation functions support us in optimally satisfying a wide range of interests and requirements. We would not want to face our daily work without this intelligent software solution."

F.H. Bertling Holding KG

Dorothee Sachs, Group Accountant:


"We had to produce our first consolidated financial statements for the year 2007. While researching the market for a suitable software product, we determined that LucaNet offers us the optimal solution. Through our subsidiaries we are represented in virtually every country, which makes rational display of foreign currency conversion especially important. LucaNet additionally offers a clearly structured solution to deal with the various consolidation issues."

BGH Edelstahlwerke GmbH

Gunnar Kohlschein, spokesperson for management:


"The benefits of the LucaNet solution are obvious: the software works perfectly, it's simple to operate for the most diverse of applications, quick to implement and the advice by LucaNet employees is always competent."

Karl Burger GmbH & Co. KG

Christian Löffler, Managing Director:


"Introducing a financial analysis and planning system at a medium-sized company in such a conservative industry as ours does not happen every day. LucaNet replaced inflexible, hardly legible and notoriously out-dated printed lists at our company. Daily updated financial information plus significant key numbers make it possible for us to create a powerful and proactive performance and liquidity analysis and planning. This went down well not only with our banks."

Centrum für Angewandte Nanotechnologie (CAN) GmbH

Holger Jenrich, Controller:


"At our company LucaNet has become an indispensable planning tool that impresses thanks to its professional quality, reliability and transparency."

Cartonplast Group GmbH

Martina Six, Consolidation Manager:


"Whether it's for consolidation, reporting, data collection or data reconciliation, LucaNet and all of its functions have impressed us at every level. This tool has made our group-wide procedures much more efficient."

Condor Flugdienst GmbH

Ralph Altena, Executive in charge of year-end financial statements:


"Since the introduction of LucaNet, our work structures have been simplified substantially. We have gained time, thanks to the modern analysis options and the convenient import of data using the interfaces to SAP and Excel. The good price-performance ratio with regard to our requirements, the very high user-friendliness and the option of customising largely on our own, also convinced us to select LucaNet."

Coram International B.V.

Jimmy Joosten, Group Controller:


"Since the introduction of LucaNet, our work structures have been simplified substantially. We have gained time, thanks to the modern analysis options and the convenient import of data using the interfaces to SAP and Excel. The good price-performance ratio with regard to our requirements, the very high user-friendliness and the option of customising largely on our own, also convinced us to select LucaNet."

Correvio International Sàrl

Michael Grau, Group CFO:


"LucaNet is a software tool we enjoy using at our company. Clear, transparent and simple to operate. All planning and consolidation processes have been simplified since its introduction. A real time advantage has resulted for us."

degewo AG

Anette Pühl, Consultant for Group Accounting:


"LucaNet offers us simply more clarity and efficiency for consolidation. Thanks to the software, our key financial figures can be modelled more transparently and are available at all times. This means we now have time to concentrate on our core business."

Lake Constance Regional Chapter of the German Red Cross

Michael Schneider, Department Manager Rescue Services:


"I was impressed with how quickly one can set up the cost structure using LucaNet. From experience, I know that, with other programmes, the creation of cost centres and their organisation into cost centre groups and segments takes two to three days. With LucaNet I needed only two hours!"

DIMOCO Europe GmbH

Christina Tretter, Senior Vice President Finance and Controlling:


"We deeply value our work with LucaNet. The software features a user-friendly interface, while the consistent menu navigation appears throughout all the applications, providing extraordinary clarity. It also offers diverse data import and export options. Evaluations in table and graph form can be generated with just a few mouse clicks. Now that the processes have been optimised, consolidation is complete is a single day."

Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH

Michael Köb, Group accounting and international taxes:


"100 % flexibility and transparency: With LucaNet software, we have significantly simplified our consolidation process. Complex relationships between companies can be represented at the push of a button in a cost- and time-saving manner. This allows for the necessary review and clarity, and is a precondition for us being able to concentrate 100% on our core business as a company."

Carl Robert Eckelmann AG

Heiko Voß, Controlling:


"The use of LucaNet has accelerated our internal and external reporting while also freeing up staff for other tasks!"

edding AG
Hilde Mellin, Head of the Finance and Accounting Departments:


"The design and easy operation of the software directly appealed to us. Apart from exchanging experiences with reference customers of LucaNet AG, the parallel reproduction of a financial statement compliant with the German Commercial Code and IFRS, and also the possibility to create planning scenarios in the software, have tipped the scales for LucaNet."

Elements of Art GmbH

Erik Winterberg, General Manager:


"First we applied LucaNet for our financial planning in 2002. We could have continued working with Excel then, but from the present point of view, it was quite right to introduce an easy and expandable planning and controlling tool early on. Thus, during our growth phase, we could concentrate on our business completely."


Urs Lüthi, Head External Reporting:


"In a nutshell, what has impressed me most about LucaNet has been the following outstanding strengths, which really put the tool in a class apart from the other comparable software solutions on the market: Thanks to the high level of pre-configuration, the software can be implemented incredibly quickly, simply and at low cost. The tool is very well-developed; there are a great number of default business processes that have been predefined logically, ergonomically and without any contradictions. On top of that, customisation is easy and user-friendly, and can be applied to a wide range of processes and process variants."

EMKA Beschlagteile GmbH & Co. KG

Michael Tigges, Controlling:


"Several years ago we were looking for a suitable instrument for straightforward and transparent display of our group consolidation. We found it in LucaNet. Today we use the software for group consolidation and also for our monthly reporting and our planning. It never fails to amaze how easy it is to adapt the program to our individual needs."

Engel & Völkers AG

Valentina Schröder, Head of Accounting and Taxes:


"I have been aware of LucaNet for many years now, and I have always benefited from a very successful cooperation. We benefit from the LucaNet features that have been provided, both in terms of function and technology. The software is optimally suited for consolidation, planning and reporting purposes. There is no need to go to the time and effort of collating information for the consolidated financial statements and the reporting system. The data is always up to date and available in high quality. In this way, Engel & Völkers has been able to place its future on a transparent financial basis."

Erler+PLess GmbH

Simon Pless, Managing Director:


"We are very satisfied with our decision to select LucaNet. The software is really user-friendly and thought out with utmost precision!"

EUROIMMUN Asia Pacific

Cindy Deng, Department of Finances / Controlling:


"The transfer of data with our colleagues in Germany functions considerably better since the introduction of LucaNet at our production site in China. Our cooperation in the area of accounting has become more flexible and efficient. We are very happy to have found such a professional and internationally usable software solution for consolidation, planning and reporting."


Kirsten Schuster, Group Accounting Department:


"LucaNet stands out with high data quality and exceptional efficiency. The financial software has led to optimisations in accounting, not only at our German headquarters but also at our Chinese branch office. All of the functions, e.g. the integrated consolidation and planning wizards, as well as the foreign currency conversion, are tailored to daily practice and thus facilitate the daily workflow."

Katja Grotheer, Head of Group Accounting/Investment Controlling:


"We have been successfully using LucaNet for years. We draw up our consolidated financial statements and planning and depict the entire reporting with the software. Without a professional software in this area, a group like Eventim would find it difficult to cope with the work involved in creating the statements."


Roland Friederich, Head of Finances and Controlling, Deputy Managing Director:


"The technical setup of the LucaNet software in our company really paid off. The implementation process was extremely fast; training was offered simultaneously by expert LucaNet consultants. LucaNet easily coped with the obstacles involved in introducing a new software solution. That allows us to use the new tool highly successfully for our controlling. All financial data is available and up-to-date; the necessary planning figures can be mapped quickly and easily as part of clear evaluations."

First Sensor Technology GmbH

Thomas Diepold, Managing Director:


"In our search for new controlling software, LucaNet won us over primarily thanks to its speed, short time for introduction and conversion, and by the high degree of user-friendliness. Connection to our financial accounting and ERP software, "abas", proceeded absolutely smoothly. The software is a great help to us in producing various planning and projection levels. Thanks to the external database, I can work independently from my work station in the company, which is very advantageous."

Fortas AG

Ralf Radermacher, Responsible Group Accounting / Controlling:


„As a holding company, it is our objective to make small and medium enterprises even more successful. With LucaNet, we can consistently implement this strategy at the same time as making the complex process of controlling equity holdings more professional and transparent. This means we can see all actual and planning figures at any time, and we can quickly generate meaningful systems of key figures for our reporting. With its extensive functions such as creating derived profit and loss statements and balance sheet structures for the individual equity holdings, the system from LucaNet is unbeatable when it comes to intuitive, flexible operation.“


Sandra Huber, Deputy Head of Accounting:


"As an international financial services company, we have very specialised requirements for integrated planning and consolidation software. For example, due to the different balance sheet and profit and loss statement structures, it is imperative that they be able to be set up and displayed rapidly, flexibly and in parallel. For the same reasons we require different reports that can be quickly adapted to the changed requirements. In LucaNet we have found the optimal solution for our needs."



"LucaNet is a sophisticated, industry-independent software solution which forms the basic framework for mapping all financial processes. Due to the flexibility of the system, individual requirements and industry-specific changes can also be implemented extremely rapidly. In addition to these system-side advantages, the customer orientation is first class in its expert and technical advice from LucaNet employees."

Green City Energy AG

Ms. Rambow, Consolidated Accounting:


"We give LucaNet top marks for consolidation; their program is so easy to use. This allowed us within a very short period of time to start performing error-free consolidated accounting entirely on our own. The consolidation wizard accelerates the entire process considerably."

Haas GmbH & Co.Beteiligungs KG

Walter Pötzinger, Head of Controlling and Group Finance:


"Performing consolidation using Excel was too time-intensive and prone to error with regard to inter-company reconciliation. We therefore searched for a professional solution in this area and decided to go with LucaNet. The software can be flexibly expanded, and new companies and group structures can be created with ease. In all of my career, I have never encountered software that was as rapidly implemented and is as user-friendly as LucaNet. The high degree of transparency and comprehensibility of the data also won me over."

Hamberger Industriewerke GmbH

Regina Kotter, Consolidated Accounting/Credit Management Officer:


"We have come to realise that large consolidation programs such as SAP are simply too complex for us when it comes to monthly reporting. With LucaNet, we now using a software solution that combines planning and consolidation. The software is particularly exceptional for its speed and simple handling. We also count among its additional advantages the options for analysing and evaluating key figures and the automatic generation of P&Ls and balance sheets with the aid of posting and planning rules. We were also convinced by its rapid, simple implementation and the truly very short training period."

Hampshire Hotels

Joost Peeperkorn, Finance Director:


"Because LucaNet is so easy to use, it's a very practical tool. Once you're familiar with the navigation buttons, it's easy to locate the right data. My colleague has only been working here for a couple of months but she can already retrieve the information she wants from LucaNet herself."

Hamburger Sparkasse

Jochen Schlüter, Company Customer Supervisor:


"As Germany's largest savings bank, we place a lot of value on competent, customer-oriented financial services for small businesses. For this reason, we recommend LucaNet to our customers. After evaluating all available software packages, we are convinced that LucaNet can outstandingly support our small business customers with finance and liquidity planning. Those who have such planning assistance can successfully control their business and convince their bank of their plans for the future."

Heinz-Glas Group Holding HGGH GmbH & Co. KGaA

Steffen Meinel, Head of Controlling HEINZ Group:


"As an international company, we rely on software that meets global requirements in the area of consolidation, planning and reporting. In LucaNet we have found such a solution: LucaNet is used at our locations in Germany, Central and Eastern Europe, and in North and South America. The multilingual data model and system-based currency conversion is a great advantage in particular. The preparation of financial statements according to the accounting standards of each country allows the subsidiaries to report their local financial statements in LucaNet, too."

hofer powertrain GmbH
Manuela Berger, Controller and Assistant to the CFO:


"Our company always focuses on the special requirements of our customers. With LucaNet, we have found a software provider with the same attitude. The introduction of the software and training provided by LucaNet were excellent in technical respects and highly professional. After a short time, we were able to use the full extent of the software, which is a result of the excellent introduction of the software, on one hand and the intuitive manner of use, on the other. We highly value the flexibility and straightforward use of the software and are able to achieve the greatest benefit in producing our consolidated financial statements with minimal effort. The rapid export is an especially great feature for both our employees and the auditors."

Honegger Holding AG

Ariste Baumberger, Head of Central Services:


"In our company, LucaNet has significantly simplified the coordination process in the area of consolidation, and impresses with transparency and traceability. The option of integrating multiple source systems and the expandability by developing special interfaces has proven outstanding. LucaNet's consulting is particularly high quality. The employees are absolute experts in their areas, which allows them to implement a wide range of aspects extremely efficiently."

Interhyp AG
Thomas Steinhäuser, Controller:


"In LucaNet we have found a flexible planning and controlling solution that can be quickly adapted to company-specific structures. The intuitive user navigation, easy-to-understand software architecture and implementation-oriented consulting allowed us to implement it in just a few days. Since introduction of the software, we have been able to structure reporting activities significantly more efficiently, primarily thanks to the ability to smoothly import data into and out of Excel."

InternetQ GmbH

Ingo Vahl, Director Finance & Company Lawyer:


"Due to uninterrupted company growth, we quickly reached the point where working with numerous Excel tables was no longer satisfactory for our internal controlling. With the introduction of LucaNet our financial planning is considerably more dynamic, efficient and quicker."

Junge Fahrzeugbau GmbH

Carsten Erpel, Financial Manager:


„Junge Fahrzeugbau is synonymous with innovative product solutions in the commercial vehicle market. For our planning processes, we needed a stable software package offering user-friendly operation. With this tool, we can show all planning figures with transparency and traceability. As a result, we can quickly identify changes in the market and intervene with corrective measures in a timely manner.“

juwi AG
Stefan Brinkis, Group Accounting Team Head:


"We rely on sustainability and innovation – LucaNet supports us on this path as a reliable partner. Creating a transparent market situation is very important in our industry in particular. With its diverse planning, reporting and analysis options, the LucaNet software supports and aids us in our daily work. Support is always friendly and proficient."

Krannich Solar GmbH & Co. KG
Birgit Gänzle, Head of Controlling:


"Increasingly shorter innovation cycles, changing market conditions - the profound changes in the industry are also affecting us. It was high time to find a reliable constant in the area of financial planning, capable of ensuring trust and sustainability. LucaNet offers an effective solution in this regard: it has made controlling processes much easier for us. And all while maintaining our high quality and transparency standards."

Klaus Kroschke Holding GmbH & Co. KG

Elke Bergmann, Department Head, Finance and Accounting:


"LucaNet’s flexible structures enable us to depict complex company correlations and consolidation mechanisms too. Thanks to the completed standard reports we are in a position to draw up our reporting swiftly, without errors and in the process save costs."

Langenscheidt GmbH & Co. KG

Christian Rieger, Head of Finance Department:



"The application of LucaNet has proved really successful: Complex relations are clearly reproduced and consolidation procedures are shown transparently. As the one responsible, this degree of transparency makes me feel absolutely safe in my decisions."

LAP GmbH Laser Applikationen

Jens Gauthier, Controlling:


"We decided on LucaNet because this tool offered us the quickest overview of our business situation. The software navigation is intuitive and the package was implemented within just a few days."

Leica Camera AG

Uwe Lutz,

Head of Finance Department:


"It is quite simple for us: Information provides clarity. Clarity provides transparency. And transparency is the basis for trust. Therefore we have opted out LucaNet."


Sascha Ramachers, corporate accountant:


"With LucaNet, our consolidation is faster, easier, gives a greater overview and is above all error-free. LucaNet permits consistent processing of data within a fixed "framework" that can be flexibly supplemented with individual settings. At the same time, changes to one parameter are automatically reflected in the entire system. Using the history function, we can precisely document the changes that have been made and track them transparently at any time."

Matthias Ruß, Head of Financial Accounting:


"LucaNet is a streamlined software solution that offers straightforward handling, great clarity and a short introduction period. Thanks to the comprehensibility of the postings and data origin information, the software has also found high acceptance among our auditors. LucaNet is still used nationally now, however we are already able to display the international subsidiaries."

Meeraner Dampfkesselbau GmbH
Steffen Ellmrich, Head of Accounting / Payroll Accounting / Controlling / IT:


"As a significant company manufacturing pressure parts and components for utility and process steam generators, we adhere to the principles of top quality and deadline compliance in our work. We found these high quality standards mirrored in LucaNet. The consolidation, reporting and planning software allows us to reliably plan our business situation, and display all necessary indices with transparency and ease."

MEGATECH Industries AG
Michael Urban, Head of Group Accounting:


"We are pleased to have found such a convenient and user-friendly solution to produce our consolidated financial statements and reporting. Many assistants are available for the consolidation process. These allow transactions between consolidated companies to be easily eliminated at the push of a button. The high degree of automation saves us a significant amount of time. We are enthusiastic about the straightforward implementation and great flexibility of the system. The LucaNet software has made our reporting considerably easier and more reliable since we now work from a central database and no longer have to use many different Excel files."

Metabowerke GmbH

Oliver Haug, Group Accounting and International Controlling:


"In our view, the LucaNet software satisfies with its great user-friendliness and flexibility. The database architecture is based on the newest standard of technology. Furthermore, the diverse functions for consolidation, planning and reporting present a very intelligent, well-conceived system."

metronom Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH

Jeannette Pauker, Consultant for Controlling:


"Finally no more Excel, finally no more manual searches for errors - thanks to LucaNet! It is simply wonderful how transparent and flexible it can be to compile and evaluate plannings in LucaNet."

MFC Commodities GmbH

Susanna Jezl-Würflinger, Vice President Accounting:


"As an international trading firm, we use the LucaNet software for consolidation and planning. The functions of the tools are simply outstanding and designed for real-world applications. The process of HGB- and IFRS- compliant consolidation is now much easier, even with the many companies we have to take include in our statements. The functions for creating complex reports via Excel integration are very important for us in our day-to-day operations. Our database is now organised in a clear and transparent fashion. All in all, LucaNet is a sophisticated product that can be implemented quickly and is easy to use. On top of all this, LucaNet has a friendly, highly competent support team that always responds quickly."

MPC Münchmeyer Petersen Capital AG
Valentina Buncic, Head of Accounting:


"We were dissatisfied with the consolidation solution of our financial accounting system and therefore looked for new software on the market. I had already worked with LucaNet and so am familiar with the software's advantages. LucaNet is a user-friendly, powerful and effective system, and with its combination of controlling and consolidation in a single data model, is simply unbeatable!"

Neutrik AG

Markus Konzett, Director Finance & Controlling:


"LucaNet has helped us to achieve greater levels of professionalism and data quality in our overall consolidation process. The connection to SAP went without a hitch, the interface is easy to operate and we can make postings directly in the LucaNet software itself. We can also perform calculations and analysis in real-time, which enables us to work much more efficiently."

newterra GmbH
Ulrich Weise, Managing Director:


"Why we rely on LucaNet? The answer is very simple: a company can only be successful if it is well-informed and prepares its figures with transparency and clarity. We can immediately respond to rapid market change and make our customers even more satisfied."

Niedax GmbH & Co. KG
Mario Schopp, Head of Finance and Accounting:


"The Niedax Group relies on modern and forward-thinking work processes. That's why we rely on LucaNet software technology. The software shines thanks to the capability to display all financial figures with transparency – from the indirect cash flow statement, to the fixed assets analysis, to foreign currency conversion. All features are configured to meet the requirements of an efficient consolidation and planning process."

Nuron Biotech Inc.

Christopher Kelly, Controller:


"Simple, accurate and efficient – that's what working with the LucaNet software is like. The biggest benefit for us is the flexibility of the system in consolidation, planning and reporting – even across international borders. Discrepancies and inconsistencies in figures can be quickly identified and corrected using the system, which has greatly improved our reporting quality."

OSKA Textilvertriebs GmbH

Ingo Behn, Head of Finance:


"In LucaNet, we found both the right partner and the right product for us. We are very satisfied, especially with the consultation provided and the powerful consolidation functions of the software, which enabled us to complete the mammoth task of submitting our consolidated financial statements successfully. We now look to the future with the utmost trust in our system, knowing that our software is based on innovative technology, and that the LucaNet factory of ideas is working steadily on optimisation for the tool."

OSTCHEM Germany GmbH

Matthäus Ebinal, Managing Director:


"Apart from the functionality of LucaNet, the user friendliness and short introduction time convinced us. The competent support by the consultant on the spot or on the phone is a big plus!"

PointPark Properties GmbH
Gerwin Teichert, Head of Finance Western Europe:


"I want a straightforward and intelligent software solution that simplifies my work processes. LucaNet combines standard functions with a large degree of flexibility, e.g. as regards data import, consolidation and the customisable reporting."

POLIPOL Holding GmbH & Co.KG

Stephan Beste, Controller:


"What makes LucaNet stand out? The outstanding subject-matter and technical capabilities of the solutions offered. LucaNet places great importance on user-friendliness, clarity and flexibility. The individual modules offer a large scope of functions for planning, consolidation and reporting purposes."

Polytan GmbH
Mathias Schwägerl, Head of Controlling and Financial Accounting:


"LucaNet is flexible and quickly adaptable. Thus, the new management requirements can also be taken into account within a short time. Moreover, the detailed information in financial and controlling area is ready at any time on both individual company and consolidated group level at the push of a button. Thanks to server hosting, the worldwide access to a database via internet is ensured at any time of the day and night."

Pramerica Real Estate International AG
Martin Matern, Management Board member:


"For us it was particularly important to introduce an accounting software solution that brings together the concepts of consolidation planning and analysis – while reducing the time required and avoiding sources of error. We found the ideal solution in LucaNet."

Pressel Versand International GmbH
Michaela Groihs, Head of Accounting:


"We had very specific ideas about the new consolidation planning tool we wanted to implement. One requirement was the capability to produce reporting in accordance with US GAAP, while providing transparent display in the consolidation tool of deviations between local data and US GAAP books. The system additionally had to be capable of displaying our nine legally-independent companies and four different currencies. We found the right system in LucaNet: Connecting to the precursor systems BMD 5.5 and BMD NTCS was an interface programming challenge due to the internal period deviations (P13) and displays, however even these special desires were met. We can now automatically acquire from the precursor systems our profit and loss statements, as well as balance sheets, including capital and debt consolidation, as well as currency conversion, and can now display them with transparency and ease."

PricewaterhouseCoopers AG


Marc Schmitt, Auditor:


"LucaNet was developed for the special requirements of consolidation in the public sector. LucaNet is ideally suited for the presentation of communal groups and is distinguished for the user-friendliness of its application and the clarity of the evaluations it produces."

Reederei Claus-Peter Offen (GmbH und Co.) KG
Jan Matthias Schulze, Head of Controlling:


"LucaNet combines the two components of planning and consolidation in an intelligent manner. We value the software's clear operating structure and the ease of use which results from that. The data are updated daily and available rapidly. This means we don't have to spend as much time on compiling the data and have more time for the actual core task – analysing the data. Overall we have become much more efficient in our consolidation and planning."

Reverse Logistics GmbH
Gernot Riedle, Director Accounting & Controlling:


"Innovation meets sophisticated performance: because we grow both organically and non-organically, we must ensure at all times that we are capable of providing accurate information to our stakeholders from a range of different dimensions. Toward this end, planning and consolidation software is indispensable - especially when combined with a rapid roll-out, intuitive operation and many options for adaptation. LucaNet unifies these features within a logical system structure, and so we have found the optimal partner for our dynamic finance processes."

Rhomberg Bau GmbH
Irmgard Mayerhofer, Head of Accounting:


"Relying on LucaNet has really been worthwhile. The system was recommended to us by another user. Since its implementation we continue to benefit from the streamlined processes for producing the consolidated financial statements. The current, actual figures can be conveniently imported using Excel reporting packages. And the flexibility is simply unique. In contrast to every other tool, the LucaNet system allows us to create and individually adjust structures for everything from the profit and loss statement and balance sheet, to the cash flow statements, to the analyses – without huge effort on our part. Currency conversion is an important feature for us and is fully integrated in LucaNet."

RIB Software AG

Jürgen Zaiser, Head of Controlling & Group Accounting:


"LucaNet delivers comprehensive solutions for our complex requirements. As a listed company, we need a tool that gives us reliable support when we consolidate in accordance with the IFRS and HGB accounting standards. The LucaNet software is the ideal solution for us in terms of quality, transparency and speed."

Rocket Internet SE

Imke Ramb, Head of Group Accounting International:


"We used LucaNet to prepare Rocket Internet's first ever consolidated financial statements – and are really very happy with the results. I was already familiar with the software from my old company, so I was already aware of what the tool can do. The consolidated profit and loss statement, consolidated balance sheet, consolidated statement of cash flows and disclosures can all be created quickly when the consolidated financial statements are prepared. At the same time, the wizards provide numerous automation solutions for consolidation purposes. What’s more, the integrated currency conversion feature helps us to map our many international investments correctly.”

Rocket Internet SE

Paul Stander, Head of Group Accounting National:


"As Rocket Internet has a highly complex, constantly changing group structure, we need software that can give us very flexible support for our consolidated accounting in these circumstances. With its many different functions, LucaNet is the ideal solution for us. This is especially true when it comes to consolidation within a group with numerous companies in other countries. Implementation ran smoothly, bringing us clear savings in terms of time and costs. The staff at LucaNet are also genuine specialists in their fields, meaning we have benefited from their expert advice."


Bernhard Ritschel, Head of Group Controlling:


"As a medium-sized group in the industry automation sector with numerous domestic and foreign subsidiaries and second-tier subsidiaries, we are faced with very complex challenges. We need a project-based reporting system and a homogenous planning tool that can be controlled remotely by managers. Furthermore, we require a platform in order to consolidate the expected and actual dimensions of our subsidiaries and second-tier subsidiaries. It is a prerequisite in our group to be able to import data from financial accounting and ERP systems in an uncomplicated manner. In addition to this, LucaNet offers further tools, such as secure data storage at any time, synchronisation of expected and actual dimensions and quick availability of information. The specialist applications provided by LucaNet enjoy a high level of acceptance in management and from all external recipients."

Sam Electronics GmbH
Andreas Brendel, Group Controlling:


"We have worked with LucaNet for many years, and we consolidate 19 companies internationally. This software is simple and intuitive to handle and offers flexibility, so we can achieve professional reporting. LucaNet improves transparency and efficiency!"

SeneCura Kliniken- und HeimebetriebsgmbH

Michael Baminger, Head of Controlling:


"LucaNet represents the top level of expertise in the field of accounting. The software covered all our requirements: the consolidation of over 50 companies, transparent IC reconciliation and the integration of planned P&L, cash flow and balance sheets. We have been able to make considerable improvements to our decentralised reporting system so that it now makes the relevant financial information available to everyone who needs it, quickly and securely. This will allow us to guide our health and care facilities towards a successful future and make good on our promise to be "closer to people"."

siltronic AG
Reinhard Hausmann, Head of Balance Sheets / Accounting:


"We are very satisfied with LucaNet. With its short implementation time and huge flexibility the software provides outstanding support for our processes and offers us excellent transparency. We also value the superb evaluation and analysis options."

Thai Union Group Public Company Limited
Pakin Thamrongwarasart, Head of Department Group Operations Assurance & Risk Management:


„Flexibility is the LucaNet buzzword. The software reliably records and validates the data generated by our group which operates all over the world, meaning we can consolidate the data almost at the press of a button and efficiently prepare them for reporting. And all this is possible in a single tool, with higher transparency and clarity for everyone involved. Thanks to LucaNet, we are ideally prepared for the fast close project and are in a position to provide our stakeholders with the required financial data in good time.“

Tom Tailor GmbH
Jens Bächle, Head of Group Accounting:


"By using LucaNet, we are able to ensure that monthly group reporting gets done including the domestic and foreign subsidiaries, within a short space of time. In addition to a depiction of the actual data, plan consolidation and the comparison of different scenarios/forecasts are also possible easily, quickly and in a transparent manner."

Toshiba Electronics GmbH
Ulrich Leib, Head of Controlling:


"LucaNet helps to create a profit and loss account, balance sheet and liquidity planning by ready-to-use planning forms at the push of a button. Employees responsible for cost centres can be easily involved in the planning process without much training effort, this not only saves time, but also makes the planning more exact and the figures quickly available."


Carsten Schlurmann, Group Accounting Department:


"LucaNet won us over thanks to its flexibility, system speed and user-friendly concept. We are also very satisfied with the value for money and service provided by LucaNet. Support is rapid, straightforward and very proficient."

van Laack GmbH

Franz Kalinowski, Head of Accounting:


"The expert consulting and the future-oriented concept from LucaNet quickly convinced us. A simple, transparent and clear menu structure, as well as the high degree of transparency in the traceability of the transactions implemented, provide us with ideal support in our day-to-day business. Other factors in favour of LucaNet are the option of decentralised use and the capability to generate consolidation statements during the year."

VAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG
Erwin Gutensohn, CFO:


"LucaNet convinced us by simple operability, fast integrated reporting and reliability of data. Drill-down to ledger accounts is particularly helpful for analysing the figures."

Vecoplan AG
Detlef Gas, Head of Finance and Accounting:


"In the process of selecting a software product for planning and consolidation purposes, it was crucial for us that the following criteria be met: rapid and straightforward implementation, smooth data import from the precursor system, short introduction period, minor training effort and integrated planning of revenue, balance sheets and liquidity, as well as foreign currency conversion. LucaNet meets all these requirements and allows us to display the planning and consolidation process with transparency and efficiency. This has allowed us not only to perform our existing reporting more rapidly, it has increased the data quality as well."

Vivanco Gruppe AG
Peter Milewski, Finance Director:


"From our perspective the flexibility, transparency and recently updated financial information set LucaNet apart. Only several days were required for implementation and importing the data from the precursor system proceeded smoothly. Production of our controlling and monthly financial statements is significantly quicker since introducing LucaNet."

Carsten Schnute, Head of Accounting:


"As a medium-sized global player, we offer highly innovative solutions for our customers. We expect the same from our suppliers. We found an ideal partner in LucaNet. LucaNet impressed us right from the start. The software was quickly integrated into our business processes and has been running smoothly for us ever since, not least thanks to the competent, friendly and customer-focused consultants at LucaNet."

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