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Case Study Elements of Art GmbH


Industry: internet agency
Headquarters: Mönchengladbach (Germany)
Employees: about 50

Project: introduction of a professional software for planning and external reporting; reproducing cost centres; consistent and clear data for reporting to banks


Modules: LucaNet.Planner, LucaNet.Importer


Elements of Art GmbH has used the flexible software solutions of LucaNet in the area of planning and controlling since 2002. The experiences with legal changes related to ratings have shown that planning only in MS Excel was not sufficient.

Elements of Art GmbH is an internet agency focused on marketing for such target groups as children, youth and family. Once with just four employees and a business plan created in MS Excel tables, the success story of Elements of Art started in 1998.

"In the past, we created our first business plan in Excel", says Erik Winterberg, Managing Director. Afterwards it went steep uphill, so that it quickly became clear to the company management that Excel solution was not sufficient and a professional planning tool had to be found. "We have looked for a software solution which was easy to operate, but would have a further growth outlook in store." Hence, the software had to have a multi-user capacity already at that time and could also reproduce cost centres later. Winterberg selected the software solutions of LucaNet quickly. "The software can be operated easily and intuitively", explains Winterberg and continues: "Thus, introduction and training took us very little time. Moreover, it gave us the prospect that the solution could also cater for the future needs in line with the company growth."

Company growth and software extension proceeding at the same pace

Nowadays SAP Business One is applied as a financial accounting system. The data are automatically transferred to LucaNet by a converter. The profit and loss account planning which was created in Excel worksheets at the beginning and was moved over to balance sheet and cash flow planning with LucaNet, has been complemented with the integrated planning forms in the meantime. "Thanks to these two possibilities, on the one hand, I can involve cost centres employees in the planning by completing the standardised Excel worksheets, and on the other hand, I can reproduce complex procedures directly by planning forms." According to Winterberg, making the area of planning and controlling more professional paid off especially in contacts with banks. "We have found out that the projected data, that is, multiyear planning were valued much more, already against the background of the stricter legal regulations. They must be consistent and clear. This cannot be ensured by mere Excel planning."

"First we applied LucaNet for our financial planning in 2002. We could have continued working with Excel then, but from the present point of view, it was quite right to introduce an easy and expandable planning and controlling tool early on. Thus, during our growth phase, we could concentrate on our business completely."


Erik Winterberg, Managing Director

Elements of Art GmbH

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