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Would you like additional information on LucaNet in general as well as on our software and our services for consolidation, planning, reporting and analysis, but still want to keep your desk free of paper? We can help! Simply download our factsheets and brochures onto your computer.

LucaNet.Financial Consolidation

With this software module, you perform audit-proof management consolidation and consolidated financial statements for actual and planning values. Many different wizards are provided to support the entire process; transitions between all accounting standards are possible.




With this software module, you enhance the efficiency of your finance controlling and maximise the precision of your planning. Ready-made structures can be adjusted to your needs and actual values can be imported with just a few clicks of the mouse.




You use this software module to transfer your data easily and conveniently. No matter in which form these are present, via finished interfaces or via MS Excel. Inconsistent data are revealed so that erroneous bookings can be corrected more easily.



LucaNet.Group Report

With this software module, the data are already checked for completeness and consistency at the time of their collection. Deviations can be identified and eliminated immediately. Intercompany reconciliation ensures the highest data quality, starting from the time of entry.




With this software module, you control your interests and investments in a transparent and targeted manner. Key figures and plans can be presented quickly and easily on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis, enabling you to set up cost-effective controlling of equity holdings in no time at all.




LucaNet specialises in consolidation, planning, reporting and analysis. This includes not only software but also product training courses. In addition, we advise you in the areas of Group accounting, BI, IFRS and GAAP transitions.




Satisfied customers are the best advertisement. For this reason that we have collected a few user reports for you. Read for yourself how users from a wide variety of industries are successfully using our software for consolidation, controlling and planning!




Read our Image brochure to find out who LucaNet AG is, how our solutions are created and what makes our software for P&L, balance sheet and liquidity planning, consolidated financial statements, management consolidation and finance controlling so special.



Disclosure management with SmartNotes

With SmartNotes from AMANA consulting GmbH, LucaNet is expanding its portfolio by adding a professional tool for financial reporting. The combination of the two systems provides a solution that can help you with everything from generating your financial statements to publishing your annual reports.


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