Why LucaNet?

Want to know what makes us different from competitors as a software provider and consultant in the areas of consolidation, planning, reporting and analysis? Just take a look at our extensive service array and you will see that it pays to be LucaNet customer!

Our software is...

...simply easy to handle

We know and understand our users. Therefore, our software is so easy to operate that it can also be used by employees without IT knowledge. This and an introduction period which takes only a few days provide for direct time and cost savings.

...simply fast

Our software is so fast, because we apply only the most innovative and modern technologies. But also because we, as the first producer on the market, have implemented the full integration of controlling and legal consolidation in one data model.

...simply reliable

Our software is reliable. Not only because of all principles governing orderly accounting, but also thanks to standardisation of data models and ready-to-use interfaces to other systems. Enjoy this feeling of security due to our certified software and reduce your investment risk to a minimum.

...simply award-winning

Our firm has received distinctions as an employer and consulting firm, and our certified software has won several awards.

Furthermore we offer our customers:

Expert consultants

We're your one stop for all your needs, from software rollout to product training and professional consulting.

Software manuals

In addition to online Help integrated into the software, you also receive a comprehensive manual outlining all functionalities and operations in detail.

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