Company profile

LucaNet AG has been developing financial consolidation, planning, reporting and analysis software for more than 15 years. The company head office is located in Berlin, with further locations in western and southern Germany. Internationally, LucaNet is represented in Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, USA, Singapore and China.

Our software products can be applied separately or in individual combinations:

  • LucaNet.Financial Consolidation – Software for legal and management consolidation
  • LucaNet.Planner – Software for transparent planning and efficient controlling
  • LucaNet.Importer – Software for faster data transfer
  • LucaNet.Group Report – Software for effective collection and validation of data
  • LucaNet.Equity – Software for efficient controlling of equity holdings


Further products:

  • Disclosure Management with SmartNotes


We supplement this portfolio with consulting services and professional training courses on LucaNet products. Practice-focused seminars and executive education are offered within the setting of LucaNet Academy GmbH (Ltd), a subsidiary of LucaNet AG.

LucaNet AG: Factsheet

Here you will find all important facts about LucaNet AG at a glance.

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