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This page provides profiles of the Managing Directors of our international offices. Learn what they think of the LucaNet software's performance.


(in alphabetical order)



Dominik Duchon:
"Flexible and easy to operate financial management tools are now essential for accounting. The LucaNet software solution allows you to concentrate fully on interpreting the results instead of investing a lot of time in complex entry of financial figures. LucaNet is an indispensable tool for financial managers in many areas – from consolidation with easier coordination of multiple group companies, to integrated financial and liquidity planning, right up to reporting and analysis. The tool's key features include easy implementation and maintenance and the unique intuitive operation."



Shiran Wang:

"Financial management is one of the key aspects of corporate management. In order to face the future challenges in modern financial management, companies must rely on software solutions which allow them to analyse data in multiple dimensions and report transparently. With its functions, LucaNet is committed to modernising accounting in corporate environments. Simple interface connections and intuitive operation characterise the software. The many functions for planning, consolidation, reporting and analysis are based on sophisticated business logic.“



Chi Zhang:

"Over the years, we have gathered comprehensive experience in accounting for Chinese companies. There, LucaNet software is primarily used to modernise financial management sustainably. Many companies from the financial consulting sector also use it as a software tool to develop suitable financial management solutions.“


Stéphane Pimienta:

"I decided to join LucaNet because its unique approach resonates with me: bring powerful yet affordable financial technology to its customers while minimizing the risks related to IT integration projects. The high degree of satisfaction of its customers is the best proof of quality of the product and its services.



Remco van Keken:

"LucaNet is a highly functional software solution that can be configured and managed by users without the need for extensive IT skills or outside help. We supply our customers with a full range of services, from planning and programming to implementation and support. More and more customers are using our software, which is intuitive to use. It requires little dependence on in-house IT departments or external consultants. This saves not only time and money, it also gives customers the security of being able to fully rely on the software.



Sanjay Sivanandan:

"LucaNet is a real software technology innovator and European leader in the field of Financial Corporate Performance Management (FCPM) solutions. Its core strength lies in its capability to consolidate and integrate financial information, P&L and cash flow in a real-time and transparent manner for all types and sizes of client business. We are able to implement our intelligent, yet simple ‘out-of-the-box’ solution that augments and enhances existing systems and processes already in place at our clients operations without disruption. A typical implementation takes only two weeks, and our clients are up and running with our easy-to-use, yet powerful and fast ‘in-memory’ technology. This is exactly what clients want and need to run their businesses in the dynamically growing marketplace of Asia, and what makes the LucaNet technology truly unique, differentiated and ‘Simply Intelligent’."


Christoph Burkhardt:

"The LucaNet software solution combines professional functionality, outstanding usability, flexibility and rapid implementation. At presentations, audiences are often amazed and even awestruck by its capabilities. These attributes are what make LucaNet so successful in the areas of consolidation, planning and reporting – not just for customers in Germany, but also for companies all around the world. Our customers in Switzerland are always mentioning how happy they are with LucaNet's excellent services."

United Kingdom

Gavin Allen:

"Modern businesses today, irrespective of their business sector, are all about more agile, accurate, faster and accountable information. Delivering those outputs in traditional statement style reports, as well more dynamic analytical and visual information, and in addition supporting both internal and external governance and controls, are key themes being witnessed in today’s highly competitive business place. Addressing the above, businesses nearly always turn to the “office of finance” to provide not only the core and essential financial consolidation (beyond mere aggregation), but also the forward looking budgets, plans and forecasts, that are completely integrated with the consolidated actuals, and the outputs from all these areas being delivered in modern reporting and business outputs. I am proud to be leading the LucaNet UK business division, with a revolutionary offering that brings together in a single application, all of these core themes, with built in financial intelligence at it’s core. Providing a trusted version of all business information, leveraging the very latest “in memory” computing techniques, with a robust, modern and dynamic interface, that is also friendly to IT, again simply set LucaNet apart from the rest. Finally being able to bring this revolutionary approach and capability to our potential clients in an affordable and cost effective manner with efficient and swift implementations that are then totally business owned, LucaNet really is a winner, and having spent over 25 years working in both finance and IT, am delighted to be working with LucaNet.“


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